Remember when you were a little child?
What kind of TV Shows did you watch?
Probably most of you have watched at least one cartoon show or have read a comic book!
Now tell me a little about your childhood memories of  your past hero.

Be honest, no need to think too much - just write what comes to your mind!
Gladly would!
Where do you come from? *

City & Country!
Which year were you born? *

Gender *

Who was your childhood hero when you were a child? *

Needs to be from a Comic or TV Show - Be honest!!
How old were you? *

What is optical characteristic for your childhood hero, {{answer_2588280}} ? *

What makes your hero always recognizable? ( For example Superman and his CAPE, LOGO etc. )
Tell me about some other TV Shows or Comics you knew as a kid! (most liked on the top & least liked bottom) *

... even the ones you didn't watch or even liked!
Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my questions! ❤
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